What is Fish Pedicure?

In the world of beauty and well-being special ideas follow each other.

With these, guests who are hungry for the new can be delighted by the salons, their enquire can be maintained by them.

The brand new highlight is the fish pedicure which is getting more and more popular in England.

Why is so special this kind of foot care?

Tiny fishes makes the treatment

Your skin will be smoother than any other treatment

The Garra Rufa fish in the nature lives in the warm fresh water. Theese fishes has no teeth and absolutely harmless, but it likes to eat (brushes off with its mustache) the dead skin cells, which is full of nutrients for them.

If you put your feet in the garra rufa pool or aquarium for 20 minutes, you feet will be smoother than the babies skin.

THE Garra rufa fish

Garra rufa, the red garra (although it is also called doctor fish, and nibble fish) is a small species of cyprinid fish that is native to rivers, streams, ponds and lakes in Anatolia and the West Asian regions.

They feed on algae and plankton, though these nutrients are relatively raredue to the high water temperature in their natural habitat. 

Insufficient nutrients used them to consume the dead skin of bathers in the water. 

The garra rufa fish is useful and effective in treating multiple skin diseases. Some they believe that, this fish is definitely useful in joint diseases, muscular-trauma injuries, rheumatic and nervous system disorders. 

Psoriasis sufferers have impressive results achieved with a few kind of treatment with garra rufa fish.

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